The National Exchange Club is located in Columbus, Ohio and has a number of service projects available.  Exchange had it 100th anniversary in 2011.  Its primary focus's are Child Abuse Prevention, Americanism and Youth projects.  The Klamath Falls Exchange Club has developed a number of their projects, focusing on the National agenda.  Currently it's major projects are Officer/Fireman of the Year, A.C.E. (Accepting the Challenge of Excellence) turnaround student of the year, GIVEAKIDAFLAGTOWAVE, Buckets for Kids, the Exchange Club Park (next to the Klamath County Fairgrounds) and numerous other smaller projects.

Officer/Fireman of the Year is an opportunity to say thanks to those that serve and protect our communities.  We appreciate and thank them by having a banquet that annually honors one police officer from each police department (City of Klamath Falls, Klamath Falls Sheriffs office, Oregon State Police (Klamath Region) and a combined Merrill, Malin, Tulelake area), regular and volenteer, along with Klamath Falls Fire Department, selected by their peers.  They are honored by an individual plaque, a department plaque and a dinner to provide an opportunity to spot light deeds.

A.C.E. (Accepting the Challange of Excellance) award or originally known as the Turnaround Student of the Year award was started by the Klamath Falls Exchange Club in 1983, it was so well received by the other clubs in the NorthWest District, it went on to be a National program.  Many top students are rightly honored as excelling in school, but, there are students that struggled, for a number of reasons (i.e. abuses, drugs, alcohol, family issues (lose of parents), rebellian, lack of family support, etc.), then turned their lives around for the better.  Who appreciates or recognizes them?  We do!  It takes a lot of effort to turn a life around and is often supported by someone special in their lives (a counselor, friend, family, coaches...).  They are honord by an individual plaque, a perpetual plaque for their school, a little cash and a scholarship.  Fourteen high schools from the surrounding area are invited.  One student is selected by the local club and honored by an additional scholarship and their name is submitted for a District competition and the winner of more scholarship funds, which is then submitted to the National competition and could win additional awards.

GIVEAKIDAFLAGTOWAVE is a fun program promoting Amercanism.  The service club presents 3 to 5,000 flags every Independence Day to kids (big and small) along the local parade route.

Buckets for Kids is a special event that the club presents plastic buckets to a local  women's safe house so that when a family needs to make a immediate decision to leave that there are items that their children will have to help cope with the change.

Exchange Club Park (next to the Klamath County Fairgrounds) is a project that was developed back in the 70's to provide a place to enjoy the outdoors.  Many Exchangites donated their time, sweat and money to make it what it today.   A special honor goes to Mr. Friesen, who owned a local plumbing company, for the work he did for Exchange.  The park is managed by the Fairgrounds and cordinates any special events.  The club has an annual picnic their every year.
Klamath Falls, Oregon Exchange Club 

Meetings held every Tuesday at 12 P.M. at Starv'n Marv'n Restaurant